In arguing with my sister about whether or not to develop a company website for our Baby Nurse Agency, her for, me against, my thinking was, "Who would want to go to the Internet or the phone book for something as important as this?"  For 55 years now, we have been working by recommendation only.  I mean hiring someone to match you up with someone who will be taking care of your new baby 24/7 for a week or two is important beyond description.  I insisted that people would rather talk to someone like me - why would they go to the Internet?  After all, I have 25 years experience in matchmaking (that's all we really are, glorified matchmakers) behind me.  In those 25 years, I have spoken to 25,000 pregnant women and sent 20,000 Baby Nurses into people's homes.  I have interviewed over 8,000 potential Baby Nurses and think I know my business pretty well.  I even studied family development at an academic level.  I have never had to hard sell anyone anything because we are booked two or three months in advance on a regular basis.  That has allowed me to give potential clients objective information based on their unique, individual needs and not worry about the "business" end of things.  I insisted that we did not need the Internet.  As usual, Dee sat, patiently waiting, listening to me, knowing that she would not get a word in edgewise.  As I sat, catching my breath, she said, "That's all true, Rick.  And having a website does not exclude any part of everything you just said.  But it's time we joined the twenty-first century and got on the Internet so people can find us when they need us."  And with that simple logic, I realized she was right.  So here we are!

For clients in New Jersey, Pennsylvania, Westchester and Rockland counties, please call Dee Wexler at (973)657-0008

For clients in any other areas, please call Rick Wexler at (718)268-2700

Our hours are Monday through Friday 10 AM to 4 PM

And, of course, we will also return calls outside these hours on an emergency basis.